What kind of programs does Cable 8 show?

Programs that run on Greensboro Community Television are as varied as the people in our community. We have everything from Animals to Zany comedy shows. You can check out some samples of internally produced programs on our video clips page.

Greensboro Community Television, Inc. does not control the content of the programs that are cablecast on Cable Channel 8. The programs shown on our channel are created and produced by local citizens who have something to say. All programs on Greensboro Community Television must adhere to our non-commercial policy. You may not solicit funds, business or donations on our channel. All programs are the responsibility of the producer of record for each program cablecast on Cable 8. Please see our Rules and Procedures for more information.

Series Schedule

Check out our Series Schedule to see when our producer’s regular programs are scheduled to run. These are programs that are being produced on a regular basis by community members. They have committed to submitting a certain number of programs, and in return, Cable 8 has reserved these timeslots for their program.

Can I get a copy of that show I saw on your channel?

Greensboro Community Television does not own the copyright to most of the programs that are shown on Cable 8–we have simply been given permission to cablecast them. You should contact the producer who made the program in order to obtain a copy.

If the program was produced by Greensboro Community Television, you can contact our station to order a copy. Each DVD copy is $10.00. You may pick the copy up at our office, or we can mail it to you for a small shipping and handling fee.