Greensboro Community Television (Cable 8) provides Greensboro-area residents, organizations, agencies and institutions with television programming on a first-come, first-served non-discriminatory basis, free from censorship.

Cable 8’s Goal

The primary goal of Greensboro Community Television is to promote free expression of diverse ideas and facilitate first amendment rights of free speech on the Cable 8 Public access channel! We stand ready for individuals, groups or organizations interested in producing educational, cultural, informational or other community-oriented television programs by joining GCTV today.

This is the NEW GCTV–looking toward the future to make our little corner of the world, better!

GCTV Recycles Outdated Equipment
GCTV Recycles Outdated Equipment

Greensboro Community Television is a Nonprofit

Greensboro Community Television, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation created to operate and manage the public access channel as provided for in the North Carolina Cable Franchise Act.

If you value creating cultural competency, hearing from Guilford County’s many “Thought Leaders”, as well as creating civic awareness, then please consider a gift to Greensboro Community Television.