Our mission is to provide the means and promote the opportunity for YOU to create
local cable television programming for our community.

Cable 8, Greensboro Community Television, has established a membership policy to defray a portion of the costs of operating the facility. All individuals and organizations wishing to submit programs for cablecast must become a Member. If you are a resident of the City of Greensboro or Guilford County, you are eligible to air programming on Greensboro Community Television, Cable 8.

Who Can Be a GCTV Member?

Members must be residents of Guilford County, North Carolina and be at least 18 years of age.

Each person wishing to become a Cable 8 Member must attend an Orientation Session and pass a brief written test.

What Does Membership Cost?

Membership Fee: $125.00 (Orientation is required first)

This fee allows you to submit programs to be cablecast on Greensboro Community Television, gives the member eligibility for a series contract, as well as the option of class enrollment and equipment use once certified on the equipment (class fees are not included in the membership fee).